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Kali – Essential, practical and fun weapons-based training!

Develop incredible skills for self-defense and success.


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Your Equalizer Against A Bigger, STRONGER OPPONENT.

Kali is an extremely effective and battle-tested weapons-based system. The weapon gives a student an edge in real fights and mentally prepares them to face armed opponents with courage and confidence. Using punches, strikes, knees, elbows, and lowline kicks, this art will increase your empty hand skills by supercharging attributes such as coordination, perception, and awareness.  Kali is also great for fitness-minded individuals as it helps to build and tone one’s muscles. Because the technique is physically demanding at times, it increases your energy level and you’ll quickly see improvements in strength, flexibility, and endurance.


Kali is about creating solutions and demanding outcomes. Students will build the habit and routine of training with maximum focus and effort… all while having fun.   Training heightens your awareness of your surroundings and teaches you to make use of your environment for tools of combat. There is no substitute for the confidence that comes from knowing you can handle whatever may happen. Kali teaches important values. Behind the weapon, kicks and punches, a true martial artist learns to sit with him/herself and see where their weaknesses are. As a Kali practitioner, you will learn what it is to be still, challenged and focused.


Kali is a dynamic and functional martial art developed for mass attack as well as single opponent confrontations. Due to the total-body nature of this physical workout, tons of calories are burned during every class. You’ll likely find that you’ll be drawn to a healthier lifestyle and diet with regular Kali training. As your natural eating signals become better regulated, food cravings will disappear, and you’ll eat less as a result. Not only is Kali a good way to relieve stress and frustration, but it may help to make you happier, too. The endorphins released by physical activity can be active in your body for as many as four hours after exercise.


Like anything new, training will be challenging and difficult at times and you may want to give up. Your fellow Kali friends and expert instructors will be right beside you every step of the way to encourage you to keep going. Let’s face it… even the most motivated students become unmotivated from time to time. But you can count on your Kali family to hold you accountable to your goals and inspire you to keep reaching for the stars. Training isn’t all work and no play because no one wants that. We keep things light-hearted, exciting and fun in every class. There are plenty of high fives and fist bumps flying around every time a student accomplishes something big or small.

Check out what Google users are saying about King Tiger Tae Kwon Do Lake Norman

David W.
- a year ago
Best after school program in the area, hands down. Our boys, 6 and 10, absolutely love it. Price is reasonable, they get 4 lessons a week, the dojo is open on teacher workdays and the staff is excellent. I HIGHLY recommend you give them a look.

Louis Cosentine
- a year ago
The best group of folks!! We have been at King Tiger for 3 years. My son loves it!! He gives up electronics to go!!

Emily Sade
- a year ago
King Tiger TKD Charlotte and Lake Norman provide the perfect environment for yourself or kids to learn a traditional or reality-based self defense. Masters, Hartle and Evins love what they do and it shows when you see the students training, participating and making progress. This location offers a safe, professionally run and well equipped program for all ages. Stop in and check it out.

Daniel Lombardo
- 2 years ago
My son started with their after school program in January and I could not be happier with our decision. The program is wonderfully flexible and responsive to parents needs and concerns. The instructors are fantastic with the kids teaching useful martial arts skills as well as a constant theme of respect for others. The summer program has been a huge success so far with each week having a fun theme my son is always excited on Monday mornings to get back to his friends at King Tiger.

Allie DeSieno
- 2 years ago
King Tiger is an amazing environment to be in. As an educator, I am in awe of the Masters and Instructors. Their approach and rapport with the students is one of dedication and honesty. I am beyond impressed with King Tiger Tae Kwon Do and my daughter is blessed to be a student there.

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